Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Homemade Treasure

My mom has hinted a couple of times, wondering what will happen to her possessions when she can no longer use them. Our hobbies are different and there are many items cherished by her that are not as interesting to me.

She has collected dishes and furniture and decor and many beautiful things. But they are not top on my list. The day my parents can no longer use their large home, I'm making a bee-line for the closets and gathering every quilt my mama has made. Once they are secure, only then will I begin negotiations with my brother! And he had better bring a lot to the table.

Maybe it's a girl thing, the security and comfort I feel snuggled up in a quilt. Maybe it's recognizing the scraps of material from clothes I once wore, or appreciating the intricate design or quilting stitches. Somehow only a quilt can warm my always cold feet.

Do men appreciate quilts? I don't know.

In my home I have quilts my husband's grandma made, quilts my grandmas made and have the quilt my mama made for me as a wedding gift, using all the fabrics of my childhood. Then a few years ago, she worked on a quilt with bold and bright colors that I loved. What a surprise when I opened my Christmas package to find it inside.
What is it about quilts that touches us? My daughter burst into tears at her bridal shower upon opening the quilt my mom made for her. That same daughter has her own precious quilt which she made in high school, using bandanas accumulated while bald from chemotherapy.

I guess quilts are special because of their uniqueness and the time and care required to complete them. A handmade quilt is the manifestation of love and thoughtfulness and peace.

I found this poem that my mom wrote many years ago.

With all the conveniences of modern life, there is no substitute for the homemade quilt. So add that to my to-do list for the next couple of decades. I don't want my granddaughters to miss out.


Jennifer said...

We didn't have a lot of quilts, but we did have a lot of handmade crocheted or knitted blankets... and I love those too!

sfc said...

You're fortunate not to have a sister in ONE respect - you don't have to fight her for your mother's quilts!! I have a feeling Cindy and I will have to arrange some sort of shared custody of a couple of Mother's. :)

Anyway -
In my book, you are completely correct on your interpretations - men just don't get it; and there is absolutely nothing better on a cold winter's day than a quilt filled with warm memories.