Monday, April 18, 2011

A ways past fifty something

I had a conversation with my dad today, in between all the fast and furious e-filing I am doing. Actually, I called him to make sure he had looked over his and mom's return so that I could go ahead and push the button to file it.

I told him that Wiley and I are probably going to a soccer tournament in Colorado in the middle of July. Had he and Mom decided yet whether they are spending their motor home summer in Alaska or Colorado? I have been hoping for Colorado, as I'm longing for a cheap way to spend a few days doing as little as possible. If they are in Colorado, maybe they'll catch a soccer game or two and then Wiley and I can hang out for a few extra days.


Me: Looks like Wiley and I are going to be in Colorado the middle of July, at Colorado Springs doing a Pike's Pike soccer tournament. Are you going to be in Colorado then? Tell Mom so you guys factor that in when deciding where to go.

Dad: We're leaning toward Colorado, I think. So, end of July?

Me: No, the middle of July

Dad: I bet we could be in Boulder.

Me: No, we're going to Colorado Springs, so southern Colorado.

Dad: Okay, Colorado Springs, first of July.

Me: MIDDLE of July, Dad. I'm calling Mom.

And I did.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wardrobe (mal)function

Two days ago I worked in my pajamas 'till after 3:00. Yesterday I spent the day wearing Adidas comfy clothes.

Today I dressed to go to a client's office first thing, expecting to get a call that I needed to be there and not expecting to have time to do a wardrobe change.

A few minutes ago I got the call that I don't need to go until tomorrow.

That's a good thing as I've just noticed that both my nice shirt AND my pants are coated with chocolate drippings from the ice cream cone I ate for lunch.

Working at home....gotta' love it.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Welcome to my world

This is the time of year I sit all day and eat junk food, rewarding myself with ice cream and chips. I've already had my first round of ice cream today.

But I know I will "make my weight" at the end of the month, so it's all good, this year at least.

Someday, this will really be an issue for me.

But not now. There's a guy working in our backyard so I had to take the dogs out to the front yard for a short break. Winston immediately found a long, fat, juicy worm. He ate part of it, played with the rest, carried it around dangling from his mouth as a trophy. When Krista tried to make it tug-of-war, I surrendered and brought them back in the house (after Winston dropped the worm.)

My appetite is under control for the rest of the day.


Back to work.