Saturday, January 8, 2011


A week ago I was getting ready for our trip to see my friend inaugurated as governor. As usual, I was compelled to get caught up on laundry. I can let laundry pile up for weeks, but a looming trip sets a hard deadline. I can't overcome this odd compulsion, so just go with the flow.

Part of the clean laundry included a pair of boxer shorts, a style and color worn by the men in my family. Which pile? The tag shows "XL." No one in the family is an XL. No one can explain.

Of course I had to do some shopping for the trip, just some hose and makeup. Buying makeup required me to actually look at my face, though, and see the freckles that are now spots, the new and deeper lines and the wild hairs.  I would smooth the eyebrow hair sticking up and then smooth the one sticking down. I finally figured out it was the same hair, most of the time sticking straight out. How long has that been going on? I've trimmed it (the shampoo lady at the salon says don't pull it as the hair won't grow back when you're this age) and will be vigilant against future outbursts.

On a positive note, six months after surgery, I finally feel back to normal. A couple of weeks ago, the low level pain and exhaustion were gone. One day I was still recovering and the next recovered. Just like that. Just before Christmas, too.

Eventually, I will tell the stories of the "Great Christmas Surprise" and the "Family Drama" of the week after Christmas. It's nice to have 2010 in the rear view mirror.

2011 is starting with a bang. Happy New Year!

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