Thursday, July 14, 2011

It's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow

I have a new post all ready to put up, but it requires illustration. The laptop was out of juice, so after plugging it in, I started the camera download while puttering around the room. About ten minutes later, I realized the camera is dead.

Looking around our room for the camera battery charger, it dawns on me that my bedroom is only a slightly more tasteful version of one of the rooms in Disney's "Carousel of Progress." If you've been there, you will recall the room that models the introduction of electricity to the average home - the tangles of electrical cords strung from a couple of wall plugs to every fixture and appliance in the room - the ceiling light, floor fan, icebox, radio,  lamps, coffee pot, oven....

In our bedroom, which triples as Ricky's office and our living room away from the kids, I count sixteen items (and the camera battery charger) that stay plugged in, plus the surge protectors they're plugged into. When you add in all the gadgets that then have to be connected to each other, the snake's nests of cords are mind boggling.

Have we made progress? I'm not sure. My boggled mind is skeptical.

UPDATE: I guess it could look like this, though.


Ricky Balthrop said...

It's not nice to put that song in my head as I travel. I think your camera battery charger is under my side of the bed.

Life in the Fifties said...

Yeah, I actually knew where it was! Amazing.

Cindi Schrimsher said...

Kerry - So glad to find YOUR blog - via Ricky's ! And I certainly can nod in agreement on the vision of your "lines to technology" vs Ricky's picture. Hope you're doing well!