Sunday, February 14, 2010

No chocolates for me!

I really looked forward to Valentine's Day when I was a little girl. My daddy always got me a Whitman's Sampler. If I worked at it, I could make it last until Easter, the next candy holiday. And the box became my treasure box for the rest of the year. (Thank you, Daddy!)

Now candy is available any time I want it, except today, Valentine's Day, 2010.

One of the annoying traits of being on the downhill side of life, is that sometimes a body part can get cranky - perhaps feeling unappreciated, taken for granted, or perhaps tired of being ignored. In my case, it's actually a mystery as to what is misbehaving, but the irritating little bugger, whatever it is, finally has my attention.

Tomorrow I get to have one of those nasty medical tests that includes dye and x-rays. So today I am restricted to a liquid diet, with nothing at all after midnight. Talk about revenge!

So you guys out there enjoy your chocolates and special meals today with your sweethearts. Don't feel sorry for me with my tea, pudding and strained potato soup.

But I'll feel sorry for you tomorrow when I get to blissfully enjoy the homemade (by my Valentine) pink-tinted chocolate peppermint meringue cookies!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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