Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wonder Woman

Every child believes or hopes that his parents are superheroes. Not wanting to name names or anything, but some children rely upon that belief.

A couple of days ago I asked my child when his band solo competition was scheduled. I knew he had been practicing. Normally, he lets me know about it, since I accompany him. Each year he has given me the details so that I could get the music, practice it and be ready when his private lesson teacher wanted to hear us rehearse.

The competition is this Saturday. His last private lesson was Monday. We have not rehearsed.

Last night we couldn't make it to the music store to acquire the music because of his end of year band concert.

This afternoon he gave me the name of the piece and I headed out to the local music store, the one which always has the music we need. They did not stock the piano accompaniment. They did have the instrument version, which we must provide to the judge to prove we actually purchased the music (required by school districts which abide by the copyright laws.) But they would have to order the piano part, and it could not get here by Saturday.

Silently seething, I called my son and asked him to call his teacher to see if the teacher had a copy of the piano part. I wrote down the stock number of the two books we needed and headed home. By the time I got there, my son had no answer as to whether we would be able to locate what we needed from the teacher.

It was 5:30 pm. I had two days to accomplish my quest. The fates were with me, though. Online I discovered a music store not too far away which had opened up a few months ago. It would be much closer than the store 30 miles and tomorrow morning away which would certainly have the music.

I called and the music was in stock and I could get there before the store closed at 6:00. Even better, my part of the music is not too difficult. I've sight read it through, worked on a couple of tricky sections, and will be able to practice it together with my son when he gets back from watching some friends' soccer game.

Turns out it was a pretty easy task for a superhero. My reputation is intact.


jennifer said...

I learn something new about you everytime I read this... I had no idea you played the piano..... I play too! Have since I was 4...

Allyson said...

You will always be a superhero! Loved this one.