Friday, June 26, 2009

Who's the favorite?

My two boys were recently overheard in the grocery store discussing which child was which parent's favorite. The reason I know this is that my husband is a high school teacher at the school my kids have attended. So my husband's students know our family and are comfortable passing along gossip. And since high school students and recent graduates tend to the fill the registers at grocery and other retail stores our spies are everywhere.

The boys came to their conclusion. I might or might not agree. Let me at least say that it probably varies more than they realize.

I adore my children, but freely admit I don't necessarily like each child all the time. When I had three children under the age of five, it was usually okay. They were all cute. Then they got a little older and the tantrums and whininess were not so cute. Then that pesky fourth child (that never slept) joined the group six years later. So we couldn't all operate on the same page and that added to various frustrations. In middle school and high school the hormones came into play, which speaks for itself.

But that's the joy of having more than the usual two children. With my four kids, I usually like at least two of them at any given point. Sometimes it's three (as long as they're not in the car together.) Every now and then the planets align and they're all delightful. Thankfully, they're all very much part of our family, whether it's pleasant or not.

Last year a third boy married into our mix. So now there are five to pick from and that has improved the odds. It especially helps that he's still trying to earn brownie points with us. His wife is in graduate school and too busy to cause any trouble. Of course, she's also too busy to play with us. Our oldest has done a good job living on her own the past couple of years, but she's too far away and I hope she moves back to our state soon. The older son is the entertainer of the family, and while he's not in school at the moment, he's pleasant to have at home and is really getting along with his brother. Our fourteen year old has his video game issues, but he hasn't hit the "disgusted with parents" stage.

So who is my favorite today? I don't know, I'll have to think about it.

UPDATE: Both boys were in the den this afternoon when I mentioned I wrote about them - about who's my favorite.

"I'm your favorite. You didn't want him to move back home and you don't like doing his laundry."

"That's crap! I'm your favorite, I've always been your favorite, and you know it. Besides, you love my goatee."

We'll find out if they're interested in the issue enough to post a comment!


Wiley said...

we did not say that

Ricky said...

I guess the husband is irrelevant.