Thursday, June 4, 2009

You can't leave me like this.

My favorite sports anchor, Dale Hansen, is taking the month of June off. Of course the month of June is rather slow in our wide, wide world of sports. But I expect he's now at the top of that slippery slope heading toward retirement.  He's probably a little more fifty something than I am and has been so successful for so long that there will be fewer and fewer incentives for him to retain a consistent schedule.

Why should I care?  Well you see, I absolutely love sports.  And I'm still that generation who watches the 10:00 news.  (Actually, I watch the 10:15 weather and sports since I have the news on the radio or TV most of the day.)  I've watched Mr. Hansen since moving to this area in 1985. And Dale Hansen loves sports, whether it's little league or the Texas Rangers, high school playoffs or the Dallas Cowboys.  He's even managed to slog his way through hockey with Our Dallas Stars.  He admires the achievement and passion and calls out the slackers and whiners. If he reports on an event, I can rely on the description and the conclusion.  I don't always agree with his opinions, but I usually do and if I don't I can at least respect them.  And best of all, there's no "political correctness."  If something is ridiculous, including his Hawaiian style shirts, he calls it out, no excuses or apologies.  If something is courageous or poignant, he honors it. He appreciates and pointedly honors those who display character.

Is that a generational thing?  When Dale Hansen is no longer reporting the sports activities of the day, will someone take his place?  Or is this next generation indifferent to passion and glory, the "thrill of victory and the agony of defeat," and most of all sheer effort? Or am I just a sentimentalist?  I hate to think so.

Meanwhile, my message to Dale......Come back to work soon, you can't leave me like this.

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