Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Light Bulb Turned On

I use slightly more than half of a master bedroom closet that is more than enough to hold my clothes and shoes IF I organize it well. The biggest nuisance has been finding what I have. My side of the closet, especially toward the back, is too dark to see items clearly. The closet light is more on my husband's side of the closet because the attic stairs are on my side of the ceiling. It's particularly annoying when I need to find dark items or matched sets - jackets or blouses that go with particular pants or skirts.

I have tried various combinations of hanging the matched sets together, hanging all the short pieces that go with something together on the double rod side while hanging all the long pieces that go with something on the single rod side, etc. I've removed the dome of the light fixture to get more light, tried keeping a flashlight in the closet, and even mounted an extra battery operated flourescent light on the back wall. The results have been unsatisfactory.

Today, once again cruising the lighting department of a store to find an economical solution to my dilemma, my light bulb came on, literally. I replaced tbe three 60 watt bulbs in my closet with 100 watt bulbs and bought a dozen 67 cent regular shaped hangers that also have clips so I can hang my sets together.

Duh. I'm fifty something years old, with two master's degrees, and it took me ten years of living in this house to figure out how to adjust a closet!

Have you had a "light bulb" moment? I hope I'm not the only one.

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