Saturday, August 22, 2009

Heartland XXXpress

On Friday I went to pick up my mom and two of her friends at the train station on the west side of town. The three of them had taken the Heartland Flyer train from Oklahoma to Texas to visit their respective children in various parts of the metro area. I was picking them all up and taking the two extra ladies to a rendezvous point to meet their rides.

My daughter, eager to see her granny, came with me. She had wanted to bring her Cosmo magazine to look through on the way. I said "no, I don't think little old ladies will want to see you with that magazine and its various sketchy (sex) items listed on the cover." My daughter didn't really see the point, but agreed to leave the magazine behind.

The three friends, with an average age over seventy-five, arrived on time and we got them and their bags stowed away in my SUV. (I have to work in the usefulness of my car.) When asked if they had a good trip, they all said yes and giggled.

It seems the man and woman sitting in the row in front of them were having a good time on the train. In fact, the couple had an extremely good time for at least an hour. You'll need to fill in the blanks because I can't do it without blushing. I asked my mom and her friends why they didn't call on a conductor or employee to intervene. They said it was too much fun to watch and it made for an entertaining trip. It's a miracle I didn't have a wreck before I got out of downtown.

Looks like we could have brought the magazine after all.

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