Monday, August 31, 2009


My daughter decided to torment me since I assigned her some particularly tedious accounting tasks. She sent me these pictures of shiba inu puppies from Craig's List. And they're only thirty minutes from here.

Our shiba is a "red sesame." These black, tan and white puppies are also standard breed colored.

Look at that white-tipped tail. Don't you want one? (The puppy, that is, not just a tail.)

It's a good thing for my checkbook that work is a little too busy and the house is a little too full right now. Otherwise, I'd be on the road checking one of these puppies out!

And this is from a person who said she would never, ever get a dog, much less a second dog.

Does senility usually hit this soon?


Wiley said...

She can't get another dog 'till i go to college (4 years from now).

Ricky Balthrop said...

Pretty cute!

jennifer said...

I think Krista needs a friend!

Ricky Balthrop said...

Think of the Shiba chorus when Wiley plays trumpet!

Sherry said...

I don't think it's senility. I think it's LOVE.