Thursday, September 24, 2009

On the Road Again

Well, the wagon train is heading out this weekend to southwestern Oklahoma for a family reunion. My brother and niece are flying in from Arizona, so there will be nine in my caravan from north Texas. I'll be driving the Tahoe loaded with people, food, ice, dog crate, games, fishing tackle, tents, sleeping bags, air mattresses, etc. Think of the Clampetts headed to Beverly Hills and you have the picture.

The weekend should provide a plethora of postings next week.

Some topics that are likely to come up.....

What happens when you mix grandparents and hand grenades? (Really.)

How do you allocate tent space when there are an old married couple, a young married couple, an adult daughter and son and a teenage son? There will be two tents.

Who will be best at "Piggy Wants a Motion?"

What can you do with a pontoon boat on a large farm pond?

What will a small, arrogant dog do when she meets very large cows?

How does that whole Pictionary/dominos/cards thing work out when you have a group ranging from teenagers to "old" people, and you're playing the games by lamplight?

How many stars can you see on a September night when you're in the dark in the country?

Good times coming.


Jennifer said...

Have a great time!!!!

Wiley said...

I won the third game (first in daylight) by hiding in the obvious spot in plain sight the whole time.