Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Plain Talk

I need to write short posts for a while, since I must work much more for the next ten days or so. Please bear with me. Those things which can't be said with a few words must wait.

Did you notice that I only used one syllable words in the preceding paragraph? I once had to write a three hundred word essay using only one syllable words.

Today you'd call that text messaging.

For the next couple of weeks that's what my blogging will be. September 15th is a big deadline for me.

In the meantime, maybe one of you wants to take a crack at a few paragraphs using only one syllable words? Put it in a comment or email it to me and I'll post it, either anonymously or with attribution, as you prefer. (See my Complete Profile for an email address.) Such a writing exercise, which I had to do as part of my job long ago, really makes you think about the use of words.

I'll give you a hint. Pick your topic carefully - it may take a couple of tries to get one that works well with short words.


Wiley said...

I like FOOD!!!!!!

tadah :)

Allyson said...

I, too, must work much more for the next, now nine, days. As my house of boys sleeps, I sit and start work with you. I know it's the best way to start for me!