Thursday, October 8, 2009

Coming Full Circle

In May, 2006, after about a five year hiatus from cat ownership, we brought an adorable, beautiful five week old tuxedo kitten home. Addie snuggled, she played tag, we all had fun. Then she grew older and less content with amusing herself.

Over time, her favorite spot became the top of my desk, particularly when it was covered in paper. This was problematic for me, the high-powered paper pusher who's too soft hearted to move a lonely kitty.

Solution? Get Addie a companion. In December, 2007, we brought the kitten Tyson home from a shelter. Tyson is loving and eager to please. He waited patiently for Addie to adjust. Addie never really played with Tyson, but liked hanging out in the same room with him and keeping an eye on things.

They were not in my office.

Then we got the dog in December, 2008. Addie liked bossing the dog around, even shushing Krista to sleep her first night in our home. Addie has not been crazy about our other cat or dog, but she always seemed interested in what they were doing.

They were not in my office.

In late July our daughter, with her cat Rascal, moved back home for a while. Rascal is a few months younger than Tyson and has only lived alone in a small apartment. He is very similar in coloring and size to Tyson, but acts more like a ghost. Rascal seems to have unhinged Addie, and my cat's psychosis has gradually increased over the past couple of weeks.

To avoid the whole situation, Addie has been hanging out in our bedroom closet during the day, doing unmentionable things. Today I tossed all the cats out of our bedroom and shut the door, forcing Addie to "socialize." Addie, crazed and wacko, hissed and yowled, wanting back into her hiding spot. Eventually she gave up.

Where did she go? Here. In my office.

Where did Tyson follow? Here. In my office.

Somehow I screwed up the grand solution to a cat constantly sitting on my desk. Thank goodness the dog can't jump that high, or I'd have all three of them in my way.

Where's the ghost cat? Don't know, but at least he's not in my office.

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