Sunday, October 4, 2009

Coming Up Soon

For air, eventually.

It's my last major work deadline for the year. October 15 is like April 15, except worse - there are no more extensions.

So I'm working like mad, or madly working (which may be the more appropriate term for me dealing with the IRS.) Since I won't have time to eat or sleep, I probably better not blog much. I think my family would mutiny if I sneak time for posting but can't find time for laundry.

At least it's supposed to rain all week AGAIN, so I'm not missing any beautiful fall weather.

Coming next should be the highlights of Dog meets Farm. Or come to think about it, maybe I'll have to talk about Life in the Laundry Room - that's a whole other world, too.

Have a great week, friends! And if you're feeling sorry for yourself, just think of me in my small corner of the world filling out form after form after form after form after ..................


Anonymous said...

I've been doing longer than you have. Hang in there


Anonymous said...

Keeps us young, right? Staying up all night like college kids. (Except WE get up early, too!)