Monday, October 26, 2009

Free Range Puppy

We took our eleven month old shiba inu camping last month. This fastidious dog normally wouldn't stick her nose outside if there was a hint of rain and especially avoided our swimming pool. So where did she head first?

To one of the ponds. She's on the long leash here. The black dots on the horizon are a herd of cows.

Then I took the leash off. What joy! This is a breed that loves to run independently. Living in town, she seldom gets that chance. She did laps around the pond, splashing in the mud, at one point getting in up to her chest. But no worries, shibas just dry off totally clean. And if I could just patent that ability and sell it to families with teenage boys I would be rich!

After one session of cavorting around the pond she went through the fence on the other side, noticing the cattle in the distance. As she moved a little closer, they started moving and the chase was on.

Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera with me, so my cell phone had to do. It didn't really matter - there is no way a still camera could capture the seventeen pound brown ball of fur flying after thousands and thousands of pounds of cows.

As she caught up to the herd, she got more excited, but the cows also realized that she wasn't much of a threat. Krista went through the herd and came around from the other side.

At this point, my dog is crouched in the grass, feeling invisible, stalking the cows again, but we have caught up to her and have the leash back on.

The cows kept coming, protecting their turf. One in particular got about six feet away and snorted.

This picture gives you an idea of the flight reflex, but understates the difference in size between the two animals. We just about died laughing at our dog who thought she was so tough.

She was much more comfortable checking out the turtle

and the catfish.

But little did I know that she had yet to face her biggest nemesis.......

I thought she must have identified a coyote or something in the barn. But no, her growling, howling, barking, pawing and stalking were all aimed at the barn itself. I don't know what it is about barns and vacuum cleaners....

At least she had sense enough to leave the cows alone this time. She pretended she was in charge, though.

And a last picture, just because I like it.

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