Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Time does fly when you're having fun

I was never much of a glue and glitter mama. So when my girls, both toddlers, were old enough to help with the Christmas cookies, I decided that it would be a great daddy/daughter activity. I made the dough ahead of time. Ricky then rolled it out, cut the shapes and moved then onto the cookie sheet. The girls decorated with colored sugars, with lots of hilarious results.

Then we added a boy to the mix. I continued with the best job of all - photographer.

This picture is about seventeen years old. The older daughter turned twenty-six today. The younger daughter is married, making her own cookies. The boy is in his own apartment, learning to feed himself with his new cookbook "A Man, A Can, A Plan." The cat died of old age about a year ago. The younger son was not even in our wildest dreams when this picture was taken.

Last month during the annual baking, for the first time, only the youngest was there to help Dad. Even though I knew it was coming, it was still a shock to have such a calm kitchen.

Decorating solo was hard work for one person, but he persevered, taking breaks when needed. He cheerfully did a great job. Not bad for a young man in high school!

Here's hoping he'll stick around for enough Decembers that I can keep my job as photographer for many more years. Don't tell the kids, but every now and then I do wish they wouldn't grow up quite so fast.


Jennifer said...

me too!!!! The only one who hasn't changed is Ricky!

Sherry said...

This is a sweet picture! And I love--and understand-- the comments, too. Sherry