Sunday, March 7, 2010

Breaking with tradition

A long standing tradition for me is to have the Oscars on while I work on tax returns, it being March and all.

This year I just can't do it. Of the ten Best Picture nominees, I've seen exactly........ two. Can you guess which two?

The drum roll please - and the nominees are "Up" and "Up In The Air." I would give Best Picture to "Up." The first twenty minutes of that movie, if you are married, have ever been married, or ever want to be married, will take your heart and turn it inside out.

The best marriage will be full of dreams deferred and dreams remembered, because living and loving gets in the way of dreams sometime. In the best marriage, you can share your dreams, always part of who you are, and be content with both the realized dreams and the fantasies that are there to flirt with.

Good night, sweet dreams.

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