Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Election Results

This is what happens when you are a high school teacher and your students know where you live. We didn't get "forked" or "flamingoed," we got "signed."

Tuesday, March 2, was primary day in Texas. One of our friends was running for re-election. He has two sons, one of whom is in Ricky's class, the other is in school with our son Wiley. The boys all had a good time while Ricky and I were at the hockey game.

As I drove down the street toward our house after the game, I noticed several cars stopped in the street. My first thought was there had been a wreck. It was dark and hard to see. I anxiously looked for and found our daughter's car safely parked. So what, then? Only as I pulled into our driveway did my attention shift to our house.

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign. The cars, loaded with teenagers, sped away.

Ricky then went on Facebook and posted dire messages about missing grades for certain students, etc. The banter went back and forth between him and the kids in the posted comments. At one point Ricky wrote that signs in the yard were better than eggs in the mailbox, which we have had, too. That's when we learned we needed to check our mailbox. It was full of campaign brochures, not eggs, thank goodness.

Congratulation to our friend Todd Smith, who won his primary bid for re-election.

And even better, we actually have sunshine today and in the forecast for the rest of the week. This year's never ending winter weather has been the worst EVER.

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