Friday, March 19, 2010

The difference a day makes

We just got back from eating really good Mexican food. It was a nice break for me before I start my marathon tax return weekend (with NCAA basketball in the background.) It has been a lovely afternoon, still nearly 75 degrees. Driving to a client's office this afternoon, I was delayed by all the zoo traffic that had backed up the interstate.

It's too early for wildflowers - the Indian paint and Texas bluebonnets. But the trees are all abloom or past bloom. The weeds are green and spring plantings are started. I wore a sleeveless shirt today. Flip flops and capris are next.

I've been planning my work schedule, hoping to make Wiley's first spring soccer game for his club team. The game is scheduled early Sunday morning.

It may not be an issue. The forecast for tomorrow, Saturday, has a winter weather advisory. We should expect wind chills in the twenties and up to two inches of snow. It should be about 30 degrees at game time.

I don't know what to say except - I'm going to see snow in Texas on March 20. Maybe we've found the 4th dimension, a parallel universe of contradictions, and somehow slipped into it.

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