Friday, May 22, 2009

The Dog Ate My Homework

Or: How to Entertain your Client on a Friday Afternoon

Or: One of the (very few) Downsides of a Home Office

Earlier this week I had to send the following letter:

"Dear Amy,

The dog didn't eat my homework. She ate my check. Please find enclosed the remnants of check #_______ . Would you please replace the check at your convenience?

I was enjoying the feud between the senior household cat and the puppy, watching as the cat knocked items off the counter to annoy the barking dog. I just failed to notice that one of the items was a piece of mail."

Who knew the little fur ball could shred so much with so little time and teeth?

At least some people found it amusing! I'm not naming names right now, but you might want to watch your backs.

At some point I will have to write about the history of the puppy. For now, please know that I am a first time dog owner and this chewing thing is an adjustment. It brings a whole new meaning to the 5 second rule. 

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