Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Let them eat cake!

Our lawmakers are considering an excise tax on coca cola, gatorade, etc. Here is my dilemma, should it come to pass...how do I support Coke so it's still around and waiting after a new Congress has reversed the tax?

You see, a coke over Sonic ice is my vice. I don't smoke, I drink moderately, I'm at the very lowest end of my recommended weight. So Congress wants to call my Coke fix a sin? Congress wants to tell me I'm unhealthy?

I certainly have the fortitude to switch vices to avoid a "sin" tax. Chocolate cake works for me.

And while they're at it, tell Congress to pass a dozen similar taxes. The money I'll save from changing my habits to avoid the behaviours Congress has deemed sinful will allow me to reduce my working hours. Since I'm self-employed I make less than sixty cents for each dollar earned anyway.

Our leaders seem to want to use tax policy to change behaviour but don't extend the concept to conclude that I can change my behaviour to influence tax policy.

I'll buy no sinful products and reduce the income and employment taxes I pay by working fewer hours. It's much easier for me to cheerfully adjust my lifestyle than pay for the lifestyle of others.

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