Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Call me Semicolon

I always wanted a nickname, although this one is not what I had in mind. My husband thinks he's quite clever.

We had my surgical followup this afternoon. The fantastic news is that my cancer was only Stage 1, so no chemotherapy. I will have three month checkups for a couple of years, followed by six month checkups for three years, lots of blood tests and scans and, predictably, another colonoscopy next year and then every two years for a while. I can live with that!

We also found out the surgeon removed eleven inches of my colon. Evidently that is not a big deal. Of course there are more tidbits related to recovering from colon surgery, but they fall under the category of TMI.

I'm not hesitant to share my history and recovery issues with anyone who has an interest in or concern about colon cancer, just send me an email or leave a comment. Keep in mind that I had no noticeable symptoms, other than perhaps increased fatigue, which I attributed to my busy lifestyle. At least five of my friends have now scheduled their first colonoscopies. What are you waiting for?


Melanie said...

I know I'm coming to the party late but I am obsessed with your blog...you make me laugh, but you make me think! Jim finally scheduled his colonoscopy after 3 years of my nagging, thank you very much! I owe you, friend!

Melanie Schooler

Life in the Fifties said...

It's never too late!