Friday, June 4, 2010

Putting things off

I keep intending to post some things, really. If I have time today, I'll even post some more after this. Yeah, that's what I always say!

But I kinda' took last weekend off, with my parents visiting. Ricky, Wiley and I played golf Sunday afternoon and I did all right - had a lot of fun. A little storm came through and blew most of the people off the course. We played 18 holes in about three and a half hours, with the course virtually to ourselves. Awesome!

Then Monday, with the phones quiet, I finished a particularly tricky tax return.

All good reasons for taking a break from the computer.

Tuesday morning was my follow up visit on the colonoscopy. The short version - I'm having surgery this afternoon and am looking forward to about a five day hospital stay. The GI doctor who did the colonoscopy said I would be in the hospital seven to ten days! What!?! Heart transplants don't take that long! But the surgeon said, if she's able to complete the surgery laparoscopically, it's much shorter.

I don't think the news is too bad. I've been having a lot of medical tests done over the past few months which haven't shown anything alarming. I told the GI doctor I had been putting off getting braces on my teeth, though, until I knew I was going to live long enough to get my money's worth. He said I should go ahead and get the braces.

So here I am, doing laundry, finishing some client stuff, dry and thirsty after no food yesterday and nothing at all today. I had to drink the "koolaid" again last night to clean out the system. Sigh. But it's not that bad.

Come to think about it, I would amend that old expression to say that "nothing in life is certain except death and taxes and laundry." It's an interesting day when you're covering all three.

The bottom line - if you're reading this and you are fifty something like me, go ahead and do all those pesky things the medical folks tell you to do. It makes a difference. If I can do it, so can you.

And for some people, who read this blog, and promise that they are going to call...... You know who you are and you have my number!


Life in the Fifties said...

It took my friend about two minutes to call me, after I sent him the link to this post. Guilt works!

Jennifer said...

I love it!!!! LOL!!! My mother uses it every chance she gets!

Allyson said...

My appointment is on the 14! I promise!!

Sherry said...

Get the braces :). Love